At Be Uzuri, we believe that beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. We are inspired by the essence in the meaning of the word ‘Uzuri’ – beautiful or healthy in Swahili – and we want your skin to Be Uzuri!

Your skin is exposed to harsh environments on a daily basis and requires delicate attention and care to restore it. We believe that Mother Nature can nurture and restore your skin’s natural glow without using harmful chemical products. We use honest, pure African oils and butters to produce 100% natural skin products that are fragrance-free, free from parabens, preservatives and mineral oils.

Our products are:

Simple – Uncomplicated and easily understood ingredients.

Accessible – We have an online shop and stockists to assist all our clients.

Affordable – our ingredients are sourced locally and around Africa. We work closely with farmers and vendors who practise fair trade. Because of this we can resell our final products at a reasonable price.

Convenient – we focus on making multipurpose products: why buy 3 different products to use on your body when one can do it all? This way you spend less on what you don’t need.

Natural – Even though we are not certified organic yet, all our ingredients are from 100% natural organic suppliers.

Hand-made – Our products are specially hand-made from our labour of love.

African – All ingredients found in our products are from around Africa, helping our farmers to continue farming for culture and tradition.

Diverse – we don’t focus on only one product, skin type or requirement. Our products are diverse enough to meet any need you may have whether its specific skin issues, routine maintenance or a product that suits your budget.